ReadyPrint Terms & Conditions

These general terms & conditions govern your use of the ReadyPrint Flex Plan.

In this document:

'Epson': means Epson Subscription Europe B.V., Hoogoorddreef 5, 1101BA Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
'you': means the customer having purchased simultaneously the Device and/or the Card according to the relevant ReadyPrint Plan.
'Card': means the purchased media containing a unique activation code, which needs to be activated to allow online registration to the ReadyPrint Plan.
'Device': means the printer eligible for ReadyPrint Flex as shown at
'Term': means the period from the start of the relevant ReadyPrint Plan when Epson confirms, by E-mail, your registration onto the ReadyPrint Website until it ends according to section ‘Termination’.
'ReadyPrint Plan': means the service available in this region: ReadyPrint Flex
'ReadyPrint Flex' means the specific service that allows you to print a certain number of pages a month with your owned Device for a monthly fee by delivering Subscription Consumables.
'Subscription Consumables' means the cartridges or ink bottles.

In order to benefit from the ReadyPrint Plan, you need to register into the Epson ReadyPrint website (“ReadyPrint Website”).

Epson reserves the right to refuse your registration. In such case, we will refund you for the Card you purchased, if any.

Purpose of the ReadyPrint Plan

READYPRINT PLAN IS AVAILABLE TO CONSUMERS for private, personal and non-commercial use only. Any different use or commercial exploitation of the ReadyPrint Plan is not allowed.

The aim of the ReadyPrint Plan is for you to print the agreed number of pages according to your ReadyPrint Plan. Epson endeavors that the required ink to print those pages will be delivered to you before the existing one will run out. However, Epson cannot and does not guarantee that this aim will always be achieved. In particular, variations in the rate at which ink is used and delays in postal services may mean that sometimes the new ink product(s) will only arrive after the existing cartridge is exhausted. If you expect to print more than what you normally have been doing or if your continuity of printing is of critical importance to you, you are recommended to keep a spare set of cartridges with your Device at all times.

The Subscription Consumables will be sent to the address you have indicated for your subscription which will also be reported in your ReadyPrint Plan dedicated web page. The Subscription Consumables provided may be used by you only in the Device(s) for which they are provided.

When registering as ReadyPrint Flex user (which is when you own the Device), the number of pages printed by you with the setup or existing cartridges (i.e. bundled or purchased before registering to ReadyPrint Flex) will not be deducted from your ReadyPrint Plan. You are allowed to carry over the number of pages included in your ReadyPrint Plan that remained unused for the following two months. For environmental reasons, you are advised to make use of those cartridges until they have run out of ink. In the event you install the Subscription Cartridges before the ink of those cartridges have run out, you will be always able to use them in the future.

If Epson is of the reasonable opinion or reasonably suspects that you are abusing the purpose of the ReadyPrint Plan in any way or otherwise violating any of the terms of the ReadyPrint Plan, we may terminate this agreement before expiry of the Term by sending you an e-mail notification at the agreed e-mail address.

ReadyPrint Plan Registration

To register into ReadyPrint Plan, you need to have the legal right and capacity to enter into this agreement and to be legally bound by these terms. Moreover, you should be resident in a country where ReadyPrint Plan is available.

You need to register your Device and/or the Card into the ReadyPrint Website and create a ReadyPrint Plan Account (“ReadyPrint Account”).

When registering onto the ReadyPrint Website, you can choose ReadyPrint Flex. The ReadyPrint Plan starts when Epson confirms, by E-mail, your registration on the ReadyPrint Website.

You may register with or without a Card. If you register with a Card, your registration must take place within 24 months of the Card activation or the Card would otherwise expire.

After your registration is successfully completed, you can redeem the value of your Card for the ReadyPrint Flex in your ReadyPrint Account towards the applicable monthly fee.

Right to withdraw from online purchase of the Card or online subscription

If you purchase your Card or subscribe to ReadyPrint Plan directly online, you have 14 days to exercise your right of withdrawal. If you exercise your right of withdrawal within 14 days following the date of your registration onto the ReadyPrint Plan, you will receive a full refund of the fees paid online.

However, you renounce to this right to withdraw, once you have started using the ReadyPrint Plan. In such case, you will not receive a refund of any such fees paid online. For the avoidance of doubt, you start using the ReadyPrint Plan when you have installed or set up the Device and Epson has started receiving data from your Device.

Internet Connection

Epson can only provide the ReadyPrint Plan if your Device is connected to the Internet. You are responsible to maintain connectivity at your sole expense.

For ReadyPrint Flex, in case your Device is not connected for 24 hours, the printing function using Subscription Consumables will be disabled, but you can still print with your own cartridges.

To reactivate your disabled Subscription Consumables or your Device, you will need to contact Epson Customer Support Centre at

ReadyPrint Eligible Epson Device

Epson applies dedicated technology in order for a printer to be eligible for ReadyPrint Flex. You can check the available printers with ReadyPrint Flex at the following link

In order to ensure a proper service execution, or to comply with applicable laws, Epson might need to change your Device’s software and/or firmware and can do so without notice to you. Any software or firmware that is downloaded to your Device or otherwise provided to you, is provided pursuant to the software license agreement linked to your Device.

Ownership of the Device and Subscription Consumables

Epson shall own any Subscription Consumables provided to you under the Terms of the ReadyPrint Plan.

If you register to ReadyPrint Flex, you must already own a Device.

Remotely monitoring your Device

Epson requires to remotely monitor your Device to provide the ReadyPrint Plan. Epson also requires information from your Device, including the device name, printer serial number, maintenance box status, total number of ink cartridge replacement, date of first printing from the printer driver, firmware version information, ink levels, ink status and consumption, page counts. Epson will not be able to monitor or have knowledge of the type or content of the documents that you printed.

By monitoring your Device, Epson will be able to determine when your existing cartridge is “expected” to require replacement. Epson will then notify you, by sending an email to the account indicated in your ReadyPrint Account, or any other method you agreed upon, that the new ink product is being sent to you.

You must ensure that Epson has your most recent mailing address in order for Epson to provide the ReadyPrint Plan. Please make sure that your current address and personal information are up to date on your ReadyPrint Account. Epson will not be responsible to you or otherwise be liable for sending the ordered ink product(s) to addresses that appear in your ReadyPrint Account that you have failed to update.

You cannot transfer the ReadyPrint Plan to a non-registered Device or to another person.

Fee, Payment and Invoicing

When you create your ReadyPrint Account, you will select a payment method as offered on the ReadyPrint Website. If you provide for a payment card, you need to ensure it is valid and keep this up to date. You authorise Epson to take the above referred payments from your specified payment card.

Unless promotional periods apply, Epson will take payment from your specified payment card on a monthly basis for the ReadyPrint Plan according to the relevant fee scheme.

You can check the applicable fee at the following link: Payment term shall be set on the date of your registration into the ReadyPrint Plan. If the registration date is on a day not available in all months (i.e. 31st), the payment day will be the last day of those months which are missing such days.

A copy of the invoice will be made available in your ReadyPrint Account.

Invoicing and payment of your ReadyPrint Plan subscription fee is made in advance. For details on payment of your first subscription fee (unless promotional periods applicable), see section “ReadyPrint Plan Registration”.

In case you print more pages than the pages included in your ReadyPrint Plan, the additional pages shall be accounted and invoiced at the first payment term following the month of usage of these additional pages. You can check the applicable fee at the following link.

If you do not use all your ReadyPrint Plan pages, you are allowed to carry over the unused pages for the following two months. The pages are counted as used first out of the current month’s ReadyPrint Plan pages and then out of the rolled over pages from the previous month.


  • Month 1: Start with 30 pages - only use 20 pages
    • 10 are rolled over
  • Month 2: Start with 40 pages (30 + 10 from Month 1) and use 36 pages
    • All 30 pages from the Month 2 allowance are used up
    • 6 x Month 1 pages are used up
    • 4 x Month 1 pages have their second roll-over
  • Month 3: Start with 34 pages (30+4 left from Month 1 that had been rolled over from Month 2), and use 30 pages
    • All 30 pages from the plan are used up
    • No pages roll-over as the 4 from Month 1 have now expired
    • (and if you used 25 pages, then only the remaining 5 pages from Month 3 would be rolled over, the 4 left over from Month 1 would expire).

If you request an upgrade or a downgrade of your ReadyPrint Plan (see section ‘Changing your ReadyPrint Plan’) the number of unused pages will be set to zero at the starting point of your new ReadyPrint Plan.

If, for reasons attributable to you Epson is unable to take or receive payment from your payment method, Epson shall have the right to disable your Subscription Consumables. For ReadyPrint Flex you are always free to print with your own cartridges.

In order to reactivate a disabled Subscription Consumables, you will need to contact Epson Customer Support Center at

Changing your ReadyPrint Plan

Within the scope of your ReadyPrint Flex, you may request to upgrade or downgrade your ReadyPrint Plan at any time, during the same payment cycle. An upgrade will be effective immediately after your request and you will be invoiced accordingly in the same payment cycle where you submitted your upgrade request. In the case of a downgrade request, the change will be effective the following payment cycle after your request.

In case of multiple upgrade or downgrade requests within the same payment cycle, your latest will prevail and you will be invoiced in accordance to the aforementioned paragraph.


  • You initially register for 30 pages per month plan for ReadyPrint Flex. Within the same payment cycle, you decide to upgrade your subscription to the 50 pages per month plan. You will be charged for the 50 pages per month plan in the same payment cycle of your upgrade.

  • You initially register for 100 pages per month plan for ReadyPrint Flex. Within the same payment cycle, you decide to downgrade it to a 30 pages per month plan and a few days later, still within the same payment cycle, you upgrade it to a 50 pages per month plan. You will still be charged for the 100 pages per month plan in the same payment cycle of your request. The following payment cycle, unless you would upgrade or downgrade the number of pages plan again, you will be charged in accordance to the 50 pages per month plan.

Customer Support Center

If you need assistance with the ReadyPrint Plan or your ReadyPrint Account, or have any question regarding your ReadyPrint Plan, please contact the Service Customer Support Centre at:

Recycling of Subscription Consumables

Epson ink cartridges can be recycled. The crossed out wheeled bin icon that can be found on the ink cartridge indicates that this product should not be disposed of via the normal household waste stream. Please separate this product from other waste streams to ensure that it can be recycled in an environmentally sound manner. For more details on available collection facilities please contact your local government office or the retailer where you purchased this product.

Alternatively, you can return the cartridges free of charge via our nominated recycling partner Cycleon. You can find the information on:

Ecotank ink bottles are made from Polypropelene, which can usually be recycled along with other domestic waste via kerbside recycling programs. For further information, please check with your local authority.

Third Parties and Contractors

Some of the tasks to be performed by Epson, may be performed by a third party or a contractor for Epson. Epson reserves the right to change or add third parties or contractors at its discretion.


By registering on the ReadyPrint Website, you agree to be contacted or to receive messages by Epson on your Device, computer or app, to provide information about your ReadyPrint Account and status.

You agree that all such notices and other communications that Epson provides to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

Use of Information

While registering to the ReadyPrint Website, you consent to provide your personal data necessary for Epson to provide the ReadyPrint Plan to process any transactions that you have requested and/or to improve or to customise your experience on the ReadyPrint Plan. You will find more information on the use and processing of your personal data in the Privacy Information Statement. In addition to using your personal data necessary to provide you with the ReadyPrint Plan, Epson also asks your consent to your personal data being processed for Epson to send marketing materials such as conduct surveys regarding Epson branded products and/or advertisements from Epson or affiliated companies. Epson provides means for you to opt out or exercise your right as to request access to and rectification or erasure of personal data, or to object to such processing at any time by using the web form ContactUsAboutYourData.

Modification of the terms and fees

Epson may modify, amend or update these terms and conditions at any time to comply with laws and regulation or to reflect changes in Epson’s business practices and procedures and will notify you accordingly. If you continue your ReadyPrint Plan you agree to the modifications or you can refuse the modified version within 14 days after notification.

Epson reserves the right to modify fees for ReadyPrint Flex. Epson shall give you a 30 days’ notice before the change will be applicable.

You do not need to accept a change of terms and conditions or a change of fees, but if you do not agree you can terminate this agreement according to section ‘Termination’.

Termination of the ReadyPrint Plan

You terminate

You may terminate the ReadyPrint Plan at any time. You can do so directly from your ReadyPrint Account.

Termination will be effective at the end of the current payment term.

For instance, if you are invoiced every 15th of the month, and you terminate on the 25th of a given month, your payment made on the 15th of that month will not be reimbursed and will cover the agreed number of pages in your ReadyPrint Plan for the current payment term, which means you will be allowed to continue using your ReadyPrint Plan till the 14th day of the next month. At the end of the last payment term, you may be sent one last invoice to include any usage of additional pages made in this last payment term. On the 15th day of the next month, you will not be allowed to use your ReadyPrint Plan anymore.

Epson terminates

Epson may terminate your ReadyPrint Plan at any time for any or no reason by giving notice to you at the email address or by any other media you agreed to be contacted.

You agree that Epson will not be liable to you for any termination of your ReadyPrint Plan or refusal of access to the ReadyPrint Plan or ReadyPrint Website. Upon termination of your ReadyPrint Plan for any reason, any rights granted to you under this agreement shall terminate and you will not be able to use the ReadyPrint Plan.

Intellectual Property Rights

Epson, and any other product or ReadyPrint name, image or logo related to the ReadyPrint Plan are trademarks of Epson or its licensors and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part. By registering into the ReadyPrint Plan you will not gain any rights of ownership of copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trademarks or any other intellectual property rights owned by Epson. Epson will retain exclusive ownership of the ReadyPrint Plan and the ReadyPrint Website and any technology related thereto and will own all related intellectual property rights, title and interest in any ideas, concepts, know how, documentation and techniques.

No Warranty

Epson does not warrant that the provision of the ReadyPrint Plan and/or the ReadyPrint Website will be uninterrupted or error-free and makes no warranties as to timeliness, accuracy or reliability or fitness for a particular purpose of the provision of the ReadyPrint Plan and/or the ReadyPrint Website.

Limitations of Liability

Epson will not be liable to you as a result of any delay or failure to perform its obligations to the extent such delay or failure is caused by an event or circumstance which is beyond its reasonable control. Epson will use reasonable efforts to resolve the disruption and will communicate and update you on progress.

Save any liabilities in respect of any personal injury or death resulting from the negligence of us which cannot be excluded, we do not accept any liability (for breach of contract, negligence or otherwise) for any consequential loss or damage, loss of use of the Device(s) or other items or loss of sales, profits or opportunity you may suffer, in respect of the supply of the ink bottles and cartridges, or otherwise. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitations of liability, so the above limitations or disclaimers may not apply to you in their entirety but will apply to the extent permitted by law.

Dispute Resolution

Any disputes arising out of or otherwise relating to these terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of the country in which you reside.

The EU internet platform for online disputes regulation (so-called "ODR platform") can be found at If you have any questions about consumers’ rights in your country, please contact your local European Consumer Centre at:

1See section “Purpose of the ReadyPrint Plan”.

Additional Terms and Conditions
ReadyPrint Refer a Friend Promotion Terms

In order to benefit from the ReadyPrint Refer a Friend Promotion you and the Referred Subscriber must agree to the following additional promotional terms and conditions.

In this document:

you means the existing customer having subscribed to ReadyPrint Plan
Refer a Friend Promotion means the referral promotion as described in these terms
Referred Subscriber means your referred friend agreeing with these terms and subscribed to ReadyPrint Plan
Referral Credit means the ReadyPrint credit that you and the Referred Subscriber earn by participating in the Refer a Friend Promotion
Promotions Terms means the additional promotional terms and conditions for the Refer a Friend Promotion
Referral code or link means the personal and unique code provided by Epson to you which cannot be resold or transferred

Referring ReadyPrint plan

To make a referral and earn the Referral Credit, you must provide to your Referred Subscriber your Referral code or link. The Referred Subscriber must follow that link, or enter the referral code during the registration process, when subscribing to the chosen ReadyPrint Plan according to these terms and the ReadyPrint Terms and Conditions.

Referred Subscriber

In order to benefit from this promotion, the Referred Subscriber has to meet the following requirements (i) is not an existing ReadyPrint customer; (ii) uses a Referral code or link; (iii) agrees with these terms and ReadyPrint Terms and Conditions.

Referral Credit for Referred Subscribers and to you

Each Referred Subscriber and you will receive 5€/£ which will be activated when the Referred Subscriber registers for a ReadyPrint Plan.
You may only use your Referral Credit, equivalent to 5€/£ for your ReadyPrint Plan. This amount will apply after any existing promotional credits have been used and/or the current billing cycle has ended. Any other fees and applicable taxes will be normally charged according to the ReadyPrint Terms and Conditions. There is no limit to the amount of Referral Credit that you may earn under the ReadyPrint Refer a Friend Promotion. However, Epson reserves the right to review your referrals at any time. If Epson is of the reasonable opinion or reasonably suspects that you or your use of your Referred Subscriber’s use of this promotion is illegitimate, fraudulent, suspicious, in violation of the law or these terms, or for any other reason as Epson may consider appropriate, Epson may refuse to credit the Referral Credit for that referral and to you.

Final provisions

Referred Subscribers may only use one Referral code and link per subscription. Referral Credit may not be combined with other Epson offers. All unused Referral Credit will expire immediately upon termination of the ReadyPrint Plan for any reason. Your Referral code or link will be automatically deactivated upon termination of the ReadyPrint Plan. Referral Credit is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to a different Epson service.